Canvas Systems

Taylor Made Facilities

Canvas Features and Advantages

  • Dielectrically welded seams and frame pockets.
  • Dielectrically welded protection on the clear vinyl curtains.
  • Location tabs for zip in curtains.
  • Clear identification labels with the right information.
  • 30 gauge extruded clear vinyl instead of laminated vinyl.
  • Gore Tex brand Tenara thread is used on select cruiser canvas as an option.
  • With select materials and dielectric welding, Ameritex is the only supplier of
    a true waterproof top.

Canvas Production


  • Ameritex has the latest production equipment available. All sewing machines, dielectric welders and bending equipment are no older than six years.
  • Ameritex utilizes two state of the art CNC fabric cutters allowing consistent accuracy in the cutting process.


  • Ameritex inspects every piece of canvas produced.


  • Ameritex canvas products are produced in a consistent fashion so the product fits the same every time. Every part has a engineered drawing for the sewer to follow.

Lead Times

  • Typical canvas lead times are one to two weeks depending on ordering method and forecasting.
  • Ameritex has been able to reduce canvas inventory significantly to a number of our customers.

Warranty Returns

  • Ameritex has recently developed a repair and return department used to expedite any items that need to be returned for warranty or rework.


  • All canvas is packaged or crated for proper shipping whether it is Ameritex trucks, Common Carrier, Express Freight or LTL carrier.